We Wrap Anything!

By anything, we mean anything.

Be it the bonnet of a car or a drinks cooler, we at Magenta Signs will wrap anything. 


Our wide range of wrap vinyls allow us to be able to wrap nearly any object, provided the wrap can adhere to the surface without any major issues. 


Wrapping allows your to refurbish an item, providing it with a new wind of life, be it a colour change or a fully printed design. We can do it all!


Our process begins with an initial consultation. During this you have the chance to select a material or provide us with the graphics you’d like applied to the item. This can be done in person, over email or phone. However, an in person consultation is preferred. After the consultation, a quote will be provided. Once agreed, the wrap will then be confirmed by the customer and a fitting date will be set. Upon the arrival of the install date, the customer will have to our unit to ensure the correct fitting conditions are present. Once the wrap is applied, the customer will be informed and pick-up will be arranged.


If you’d like any further information in regards to our wrapping service or any of the other services we provide, then get in touch for a no-obligation quote!