Wall Decor

Made from a wide collection of vinyls, our wall art is created with the customer’s vision in mind. Our wall art can be used in any environment, be it a company logo on an office wall, to an inspirational quote above your bed, we at Magenta Signs have you covered.


Our process begins with a customer coming to us with an idea or design they’d like transformed into wall art. This concept is then sent to our design team where the concept is designed and a first draft is created. This then begins a conversation between the customer and the design team where any issues are addressed and any changes are made. Once the design process is complete, a final proof will be sent to the customer along with a quote, allowing them to see how to wall art will look when produced. Once approved, the image will be sent to production, where the design will be cut from our wide selection of high quality vinyl.Once cut, the vinyl is weeded and backed, leaving behind the design that was agreed on. Upon completion, the customer is notified and a fitting date is arranged where our trained staff will fit the wall art to the desired area. 


If a wall art isn’t for you, maybe a canvas would be more fitting?


If you’d like any further information in regards to our wall art or any of the other services we provide, then get in touch for a no-obligation quote!


Bedroom wallart image, showing the words "Anna and Mark, always and forever."

Amazon LBA2, Doncaster

A photo collage of images from LBA2 Amazon

During 2019, Magenta Signs worked in conjunction with Amazon in order to provide a sleek looking series of wall decor for their main reception and tour room at their LBA2 site.


In the end, we ended up producing over 100m of printed graphics for this one job alone! This job also resulted in us being added to their official list of suppliers!

A photo of the LBA2 Amazon reception wall

St Nicholas Primary School, Hull

A collage of images showing a wall decor tree with inspirational wording mixed in with the leaves.





Some lovely tree art applied to 2 seperate walls in a brand new school in Hull. A hell of a task! 6 metre high with obstructions was another task for another story. Lots of emailing back and forth getting it spot on.

All in pieces, call it the WORLDS LARGEST JIGSAW IN THE WORLD!

We are delighted by the reception it received, everyone walking by and sharing their positive comments.


Wall decor image showing a New York City skyline.

Be it New York or London, city landscapes are a favorite for some. Let us know what city you would like and we can provide a design. Better yet you send us a picture over that you have taken and we can convert it into your unique wall art.  


Wall Decor image showing a poem reading "Life is like a bath, the longer you're in it, the more wrinkled you get."

Have your favorite poem or inspirational quote converted to wall art, to give them that nice warm feeling when you enter the room. Send us the quotes or poem and we can drop over a couple design with different fonts and once you have chosen your design and then let us do the rest.  


Wall Decor image showing a Batman logo and "Jamie" underneath.

Bring to life and add that little persons personality to their by add simple wall art . By adding your kids name to any wall art it can put a big smile on their  little face.  Simply let us know the size of your wall and what you want and we will do out best to help bring the room alive