Trailer Livery

From trailer wraps to repairs, we do it all.

From full trailer wraps to repairs, we at Magenta Signs are able to design, produce and install a wide range of styles when it comes to Trailer Livery. Be it vinyl or print, we can do it all!


If you'd like any information in regards to trailer livery or any of our other services then don't hesitate to get in touch for a no-obligation quote!

Gray & Adams

One of our main suppliers for Trailer Livery work is Gray & Adams Ltd. (Doncaster), ranging from repairs to complete reworks, we can do it all!


 Due to our large format printers being 1.3m max, we take a multiple drop approach, allowing us to cover a trailer side in a minimum of 11 drops.

Driven Media

Another repeat customer for our Trailer Livery would be Driven Media. As a main supplier and fitter for Driven Media, we produce and fit most of their rear doors across the country.


For the rears, we simply use two drops, one for each door.